Highly rated!

It is not very often a teenager has their dreams come true; Sam Beeton had his become reality. From Notts County F.C. to teenage indie rock, his father played in a 1970s punk band, so music was something that was in his blood.

‘No Definite Answer’ is his debut release and contains bright, catchy semi acoustic tunes by a singer-songwriter that has an emotional way of writing. Beeton writes about his experiences and things of importance, he doesn’t write a song for the sake of filling a space on a record. ‘What You Look For’ is about is affection for an old flame and where it all went wrong, ‘Under The Fence’ recalls a bizarre dream while ‘Time Takes It Toll’ refers to his journey to London, leaving his childhood behind and heading for the adult world. These are all songs that for each listener bring up memories in their own lives.

There is something classy about the vocal perception of Sam Beeton. He sounds like a classic pop singer with more of an insight into the music industry and what people are effected by. There is however that little gruffness that shakes up the tracks with a jagged touch. ‘Sweet Luigi’ is musically unbelievable and really gets his vocals beaming, while ‘This Is Where We Are’ shows real emotion as Beeton contemplates the future.

This young guitarist, pianist and drummer is a man made for the music industry with his delicate melodies and semi acoustic methods of creation. The majority of tracks are lightweight indie pop but each has a little touch of sparkle. On ‘What You Look For’ there is a full band and a string arrangement like glue holding everything together, ‘Finally Done’ is a jazzy guitar number and then there’s the edgy and soulful ‘Angels Gather Here’ and ‘Trouble And Strife’. Others show more emotion; ‘Best Friend’ may begin acoustically but works up a beat and makes a listener examine their own personal perspective on their social relationships. ‘Time Takes It Toll’ is mellower and has less punch and more pull while ‘This Lullaby’ is piano driven, melodious with remarkably tender strings.

The way these songs are written, vocally put across and most importantly musically created is absolutely remarkable. From upbeat pop tunes, to jazzier and soulful songs to the pure beauty of acoustic numbers. The songs differ quite dramatically and have impressed me beyond a doubt.