A Few Good Days Single

As far as collaborations go, The Orange Lights must count themselves blessed. When Paul Tucker; architect of The Lighthouse family and 11-million selling songwriter, founded the band in 2006 he found a confidant and an ally. Jason Hart was already touring guitarist for Spiritualized but it is his confident yet fragile voice that becomes the main attraction in 'A Few Good Days'.

From the calming, assured start it would be easy to assume that Hart has learnt more than just chords from his touring days. From enticing poised acoustic guitar, the sonic landscape opens up to uplifting, intoxicating brightness in a matter of moments, sounds familiar doesn’t it.

Yet whatever DJ and producer Tom Middleton thinks he can translate out of an urbane track onto the Ibiza scene is anyone’s guess. A Club Mix of reverberating vocals and singled out keyboard that somehow tires past the six and a half minute mark is not worth the time it takes to listen to. That his Deep (ie longer, evermore tedious) Mix even surpasses its predecessor is the only achievement of note.