Like old people on a beach in December...

‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ is taken from the current album from The Concretes. It’s a floating, uninteresting song that fails to ignite any feeling whatsoever. All the essentials are there, but it lacks something important. Life. It ambles along like an OAP on a trip to the seaside, without anything remarkable happening. Guitars that sound interesting for the first few seconds are quickly engulfed by Beach Boys styled optimism. This is the kind of track used as backing music for an adoring parents film of their child’s first trip to the seaside. Although they may take great pleasure in it, the eyes of everyone else subjected to it soon glaze over. Victoria Bergsman’s voice seems to choke all the fun out of the lyrics - perhaps she would be better off in a band that preaches the wonders of death and all things depressing. Her drone could do wonders for their record sales.

Two further tracks are provided for your listening pleasure on this single, but neither can contend with the title track’s corny sunshine. Free Ride sounds much like a farm girl's lament complete with harmonica whilst Under Your Leaves is reminiscent of the driving rain that haunts England nowadays.

No one in their right mind wishes to wait for anything, least of all this single to end. If you dislike the first track because it’s too mellow, just give up now. The Concretes do not get any more exciting; no matter how much you listen to them.