This is some pretty stripped down music from the KatJonBand, consisting of John Langford on guitar/vocals and Kat Ex on drums/vocals. John Langford was previously of the ill fated Mekons and Kat Ex of, The Ex. This album sits between Joe Strummer and Billy Bragg, offering up 10 tracks of political fuelled rants.

Opener “Do you” comes in with a pulsing beat and Fugazi styled guitar, and the vocals drop in with Kat dropping her line and John repeating. When it hits the chorus, you get a more surf styled guitar licks that fit over the pulsating beat which flows throughout this song. “Albion” is a more down tempo affair, full of avant art rock drums and guitar noises, that never coerces into a more “traditional song”.

“Limbo” enters with a western style swagger and flows into Eric Clapton’s “Shadows” sounding guitar, with heart beat pulse. “Machine gun” drops in on you and sounds like you about to be treated to “Ball room blitz” but in my opinion never really takes of and feels somewhat lacking. “Conquered” has them finding new percussion sounds and piano counter melodies. “Bad apples” has them dropping the tempo and entering a more darker sound, eerie guitar with plenty of delay and then towards the last 3rd of the song, playing with electronic sound not dissimilar to sounds you find on your original NES or Sega Master System.

“Crackheads Beware”, besides it name and lyrics sounds too upbeat which detracts from the theme. If you don’t like rants then avoid listening to “Moonscape”, it feels like a perpetual ear bashing. “Hey You Don’t Love Me” has a “Fairytale of New York” feel to it, with Johns gravely wavering out of tune vocals accompanied by Kats more graceful style. Closer “Red Flag” sums up the KatJonBand, throughout the song you have a constant pulsing drum beat, simple guitar riffs, guitar noises and John and Kat sharing vocal duties.

I must confess, this really isn’t my cup of tea, but I can see that if you like the aforementioned monsieur’s Strummer and Bragg then theirs a good chance you will enjoy this.