Kill Me Now (Or You Never Will)

The French post-punk trio Underground Railroad have another smash on their hands with the new single ‘Kill Me Now (Or You Never Will)’.

This single is one of the more subtle post punk records you are likely to find, so much so that there is guitar riff indie bands would fight over. It is the chorus for this tune that makes the impression. Simple yet effective is the best way and this track has it down perfectly. It is within the last minute of the tune where the post punk becomes the most dominant of sounds and intensely migrates in this direction.

As if this single isn’t enough to tickle your taste buds, the second track ‘Breakfast’ follows suit of the intense rhythms built upon by the first song. This one however is a short, sharp and explosive blast of two repetitive lines. If you like the sound of these songs, you wont have to wait very long for the bands second album ‘Sticks and Stones’.