Musical maverick strikes back.

David Holmes has long been revered for his soundtrack work but his own previous albums and his work with The Free Association have long marked him out as a musical maverick and the opening track for his latest album shows him in fine form. Sounding entirely like Holmes but also calling to mind many of the artists he has worked with and remixed, it’s a frenetic blast of breathy vocals and nagging rhythm track.

The song features Martin Rev from the band Suicide but he features as a vocalist and lyricist as much as the keyboard player for which he is better known as. Unsurprisingly given Holmes musical knowledge, he went a bit deeper for the inclusion of Rev and points to the mans solo work as the chief inspiration for getting him involved in the project. As you can imagine there is a lot of pace to this song but it never gets carried and if there is a threat of violence or greater emotion, its all pretty much kept under wraps. Its an engaging track and as a comeback single, it does the job perfectly.

With an Andy Weatherall mix adding a heavier feel to proceedings, it’s a strong indication for the album but such is the nature of Holmes, it already appears that he has moved on from this record and is focusing on the next project as opposed to promoting and touring this album. That’s a loss for a few reasons but it also bodes well for a quicker release from the man next time around.