Million $ Reload - You Can't Stop Me From Flying

Sleazy, ballsy, bluesy rock is probably the best way of describing Million $ Reload’s latest single, 'You Can’t Stop Me From Flying', taken from their debut album 'Anthems Of A Degeneration'. Starting off teasing you into thinking this is going to be a slow boring ballad it kicks off after 30 seconds.

Clearly this Irish quintet are heavily influenced by great bands as Black Crowes, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses and dare I say the same vocal style of Sebastian Bach from Skid Row days, complete with the gravelly scream mid way through the song. This track ticks all the right boxes for being a great sleaze rock song right down to every guitar rift, so it is good to see that this style is alive and well in Ireland.

Having already played with the likes of Terrorvision it is more than possible we will hear a lot more from Million $ Reload in the not so distant future.