The Shock Of The Lightning

Oasis return with The Shock Of The Lightning, the preposterously titled lead single off their new album Dig Out Your Soul. Of course, the lyrics mean nothing apart from overblown metaphors about time machines and holes in the ground allowing Liam Gallagher to strain overzealously over various syllables. Listen carefully and notice the subtle references to heroes The La’s and The Beatles. Nothing new then.

The song itself remains unremarkable and has the enduring effect of watching a train speed past at a level crossing, of going nowhere fast. Without the intermittent church organ and a masterful 15 second drum solo there is not much to report. But that is not the point, it never has been with Oasis. The Shock of The Lightning is the very song you want to wake up to, a sonic slap around the face because few other bands can put out such bombastic tunes.

The B-side could very well be a first for the band. An official remix of an album track, Falling Down, that you could hear in a club without being surrounded by meatheads. Which is the least you would expect when The Chemical Brothers are given free rein.