A welcomed return

It has been a while since the Plain White T’s gave the UK music industry a taste of their tunes. They rocked our world with ‘Hey There Delilah’, dazed us with the album ‘Every Second Counts’, completed a UK tour at the beginning of the year then disappeared for a while. They are back with the new album ‘Big Bad World’ and the lead single ‘Natural Disaster’.

The Plain White T’s make effortless work of this tune. The emotions and reactions it generates are not quite as energetic and full of bounce as some of the bands previous tunes; ‘Our Time Now’, ‘So Damn Clever’ and ‘Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk’ for example, but it is still more movable than ‘Hey There Delilah’.

As far as the introductory single to the album goes, ‘Natural Disaster’ is not some of the band's best work, but any fan of this style of music will enjoy this new slice of style.