Run Hide Survive

If you like your repetitive beats non-offensive, barely memorable and a tad boring then Run Hide Survive are sure to be your new favourite band. Apparently they’re ripping up dance floors all over Sheffield. Now, a) this doesn’t surprise me one bit and b) I’m pretty sure I could rip up dance floors in Sheffield with a Xylophone. Sheffield is full of students and cheap drinks deals, work it out.

'Dyson/Pigeon' is actually the first release from the Sheffield three-piece. A long and repetitive journey into the world of synth and electronica with all manner of bleeps beats and some more bleeps again.

It’s pretty much music to dance to after consuming your body weight in Alco pops on a Friday night, perfect for a club or perhaps a house party, but only where people are so inebriated they stop hearing what it sounds like and simply move their bodies accordingly.

Run Hide Survive are not my cup of tea, but then again it is their first release so there’s a lot of potential to develop this sound. I sure hope they do.