The Truth Is…you'll love it

‘The Truth Is…’ is the sophomore album from Failsafe. It is the sort of album you want to listen to in the dark. Not for its dim and moody melodies or dark nature, but for its visualisation properties. The songs create a sense of being surrounded, giving off an imprisoned and jam-packed atmosphere, something that spirals a listener with its music. This is a feeling I have felt many times at a gig for the obvious reasons, but I have rarely felt this way about a CD.

Just like a live band on stage, this release gives some excellent harmonies and combined vocals, which are built quite intensively and remarkably well. When sliding alongside the lead vocals, the songs come alive with passion, excitement and energy over what is musically created.

‘Without Warning’ is a song that I was really able to sink into. The words seem to hold some emotional charge. “You never wanted him to die, he tried his best to stay alive, this constant stream of tears keeps running from your eyes”. Whether this is a metaphorical loss, the loss of a life or the loss of a spark within a relationship, the use of lyrics just makes the song beam with emotion.

This entire record is liberating; with sharp riffs, melodies that move from tender through to rugged and segments so sweet they could rot your teeth. One of the more creative tunes is ‘Hope’ for its fast paced, changeable and very sharp rhythms. ‘Mirror Mirror’ seems to show the darker edge of the album with a rumbling bass line and a much more focused chorus. Then there is the sharpness of guitar on ‘Guilt On Dirty Hands’.

If the sensations I felt through listening to this CD could be creatively crafted into a live performance, no matter the quality of the venue, the size of a stage or quantity of people in the audience, Failsafe would have an amazing opportunity to entertain and bewilder a crowd with their passionate and dedicated music. With each track creating a different emotion, this band has something that we are just seeing the start of.