The geeks get it wrong this time

‘The Geeks Were Right' is the lead single from The Faint’s fifth (yes, read FIFTH) album, ‘Fasciinatiion’. I emphasise how established this band is because they could and should be doing better by this stage, at risk of sounding like their school report.

Electro-indie with Daft Punk-esque vocals usually can’t go too wrong, as long as it’s danceable and not overly repetitive. But here the sentiment of machines vs. man is the most interesting thing about the record. It’s musical tofu - bland on its own. It’s not particularly bad, it has a hummable tune which you might remember with a few plays, but it’s missing that indefinable quality that screams “I am brilliant, buy me!”

‘Fasciinatiion’ is apparently their first self-produced record as well, all credit to them, but maybe the outside influence wasn’t a bad thing.