Friendly Fires - Paris

Another addition to the indie disco roster, Friendly Fires release a new version of the gloriously upbeat and anthemic track “Paris” from their eponymously named debut album.

I’ll have to admit, this isn’t usually something I’d rate and on first listen was about to tie it in with your Bloc Party’s and the like. On the second listen however, I realise that actually, this tune isn’t half bad. Featuring guest vocals from Brooklyn's Au Revoir Simone, it’s got this sort of built up euphoria about it, perfect for live gigs and the distant festival season. It’s definitely a tune that you can get your teeth into, perfect indie pop, a bit like Hot Chip with Kele Okereke on vocals. As well as the glorious build up, Paris also has the perfect fade outro. It feels like a teaser, the dance ends too soon and you’re left just wanting more, and I’m sure there is a lot more to come.

“Paris” has got everything it needs to be that perfect party tune. Turn it up loud.