Don't fear the reaper.

The juggernaut that is P.O.D. rumbles on despite the band having to quash rumours of their imminent demise recently. The Californian, Christian-rap-rock mob take the pace down several notches (if that’s even possible)on new album 'When Angels & Serpents Dance', so much so this can hardly be described heavy rock any more, let alone metal as they have lost any signs that they once might have been even slightly heavy. This is a soft rock record full of melodic ‘ballads’ and crooning. The album is unrelentingly insipid; so mid tone it’s almost monotone and lacking in any real emotion, depth or originality.

Nothing, not a nod to Rage Against the Machine on ‘Condescending’, a blues twang in the guitar sound on ‘It Can’t Rain Everyday’(which sounds just like the Chilli Peppers,)the reggae feel on ‘I’ll Be Ready’ and guest appearances from the likes of Mike Muir and Page Hamilton can stop 'When Angels & Serpents Dance' from being an incredibly boring and even occasionally, slightly embarrassing experience (lyrics like “Babylon come for I/Ja know I’ll be ready” on ‘I’ll Be Ready’ may actually make you cringe and back off from the stereo).

If the repetitive lyrics and riffs on tunes like ‘End of the World’ don’t put you off then perhaps the flat and sterile production might. It’s hard to recommend such a featureless record, but if pop-rock with highly religious lyrics is your thing then you might actually almost like it, or if not perhaps you can get it for your silver-haired Granny for Christmas because she’ll probably love it.