The Bronx

I like a band without pretension, a band who don’t fit into a scene, don’t follow a fashion and don’t give a f**k how many people like them - or don’t for that matter. I also like a band who truly love what they do, a band that play with no compromise, and are punk rock through and through. This is why I like The Bronx.

Here is a band that is not afraid to embrace a true punk rock ideal. They turn their back on convention and commercialism, and give us back some real alternative music. The Bronx are truly underground, they’re the kind of band that are still so out of the mainstream that no one knows how they discovered them. They’re shows are always packed yet you see little publicity, they’re rarely in the mags and I’ve not seen a single video. It’s the people in the know that spread the word. Although correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s actually hard not to like The Bronx. They have this sort of effortless cool, they don’t try too hard, but they don’t need to, they don’t name their albums for one, but that doesn’t seem to bother anyone. Some would call this arrogance, but The Bronx are far from arrogant, they just have the confidence to let it not matter.

'The Bronx III' kicks off with 'Knifeman', a song so catchy you think you’ve known it forever, with one of those choruses you’re singing along to after 1 listen. The Bronx are good at choruses, Matt Caughthran’s screeching vocals brings them to life so easily, drenching them in what you can only call punk rock fury.
‘Young Bloods’ is another that packs a mighty punch, alongside the 80’s sleaze of ‘Past Lives’ and the aggression of ‘Digital Leash’
Put simply this album kicks butt, and once again I’m wondering why this band is not bigger than they are.

With every record The Bronx may have become more accessible, but they’ve done this without compromising what makes them so damn cool in the first place. It’s that lethal dose of punk rock attitude and a fearless approach to song-writing.
They’re loved by punks, hardcore kids and the NME. I’ve seen this band play a sold out show at the Camden Barfly in the middle of an indie club night and the place was rocking. The Bronx just do it for everyone and their 3rd album is no exception.

They’re the coolest thing to come out of LA since Black Flag.