Making their mark

Never judge a book by its cover they say; well the same goes for music. Nanas Revenge are new faces in the music scene and release their debut record ‘Man Down’ on Lockjaw Records.

The problem I am having with this record is distinguishing the songs created by Nanas Revenge from other similar acts that are coming and going from the music scene everyday. There are so many bands we see once, they release a record with a few tracks and we never hear from them again. Hopefully this is not the case with Nanas Revenge.

The sounds they are creating have elements of punk rock, while being heavily influenced by bands they admire. For a start each track (except ‘Another Way’) is between two and three minutes long; they are riddled with aggressive and fast paced melodic guitar breaks. Occasionally you get the odd differing point such as the beginning of ‘Rigor Mortis’, which is rather mysterious and makes for a pleasant change. The vocals that rage through this record are typical of punk rock. There is no melodious singing, more the shout of lyrics.

The only song that seems to stand out from this record was ‘I Never Knew’. Even though it is the shortest track of the seven, it continues with the albums rampant attitude and antagonistic rhythms, yet has a spring in its step. The chorus quite easily rolls off the tongue, like a declaration by someone powerful.

Between the seven songs there is a lot of power and energy. Make way for Nanas Revenge; a band that may not be around in a year or two, but will cause a storm while they are.