Ouch my ears!

It is very likely that the new release from Jet Pilot is one of the most unbearable records I have ever had to listen to. To listen to a single with such annoyance is tolerable, but an album of fifteen songs in 40 minutes with the same electronic beeping and blah vocals was enough to give me a migraine.

Creating a sound that is more of an attack on the ears than any style of music I would actually want to listen to, Jet Pilot have a way of making harsh and very loud music that was enough to make my ears crackle in pain. The press release accompanying this CD describes the band as “electro clash-hardcore with a singer overdosed on caffeine” and this statement is so incredibly true it is scary.

My first taste of Jet Pilot came with the opening tune to the album ‘Yeah, We Do Dance To Architecture’. ‘Jingle Of The Protagonist’ is a very hazy and raw style of music. There is some slight electronica present that doesn’t fit with the rest of the song and the last 30 seconds was pure madness of static. I visualise a bunch of early adolescent teens boys smashing away in their parents basement when I listen to this record, as it seems to be a very childlike manor of performing. If this is enough to put you off, turn away now, as the remainder of the album doesn’t get any brighter.

Much of the record revolves around a similarly awful style of music; electronica with muffled words buried underneath and where I am unable to understand a word; ‘Acid Stalks & Caffeine Blossom’ is a little more comprehendible, but still very raw and rough. The only differing sense to this tune is the lack of guitars and presence of two basses and a whole lot of drums. I don’t think I have ever come across a sound so incredibly potent, but it was interesting to listen to, even if excruciating.