Worth a listen

The résumé that Ross Royce holds is incredible. He is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with an incredible talent of combining all the right ingredients to make a differing yet remarkably refreshing debut album.

Based in Australia yet ready to take the UK by storm with ‘Life Worth Living’, I was astonished at how this release was mastered with so much talent, creativity and ambition. The album opens with the title track. This vibrant piece of work manages to explore the volatile side of music at just the right level of loudness that doesn’t explode but gives enough punch to get the crowd excited and on their feet

As the album continues the music explores a darker natured style with ‘Mrs Vain’. There is a harder attitude and more fight in this number. The riffs and melodies are darker making the music more rounded and fulfilling, especially when hit with edgy vocals to coincide with the moody music. From one extreme to another with the more placid tunes. ‘Rescue Me’ is a slow moving ballad with emphasis of the string segments to add some emotional moments. ‘That’s Not Me’ takes an acoustic opening, and with its simplicity, manages to blend sounds to a point of connectivity while not overcrowding and overlapping one and other. The chorus and verses are excellently delivered.

Old style Rock N Roll is welcomed in ‘Turn U On’ and ‘Get It Together’. Each is focused on heavy riffs. The latter takes on lighter melodies mid way, however the riffs continue to flow strong. This is a really enjoyable track that is easily imaginably as the concluding song at a concert to bring everyone together for one last tune.

There are two short tracks; ‘Suzanne’ with a twinkling of mystery, keys and bass to set the scene, and ‘Suzanne’s Meditation’. This one is best listened through headphones to get full effect. Musically it may not be one of the best tracks on the album, but it is creatively ingenious. There is indie with a twist of lime in ‘Mixed Up World’. It is a song while makes you want to move, has a central explosion of sounds that was uncalled for.

This inconsistent yet marvellous album was an unexpected pleasure for the ears. It’s the things you don’t expect that astonish and please and ‘Life Worth Living’ does just that.