People in Planes - Last Man Standing

Take five Cardiff boys, give them a bass, two guitars, a keyboard and a drum kit and what you get is People in Planes, a band that in the awakening of their second album, are giving listeners a taste of what is to come through the release of the Ep, ‘Last Man Standing’.

They present us with three anthemic songs beginning with the heavy guitar riffs and slightly unsettled beat of the title track. Next is ‘Barracuda’, a song that makes an impression as it is playful on the ears at first, then builds with its consistent heavy riffs. Lastly is the stylishly pioneered ‘Baked’. This gentle ballad styled tune has less emotion than expected in a ballad, but with the layer of inner intensity kicking in mid way and the rhythms hardening to a fast paced conclusion.

Between rumbles of vigorous of guitars and gentler emotional melodies, People in Planes sound as though they have made a great start with the new songs. I imagine ‘Beyond the Horizon’, the approaching album, will be full of tracks even more powerful than these...saving the best for the album.