Top Energetic Melodic Rock

Scots wonders The Xcerts start 2009 with this single taken from their forthcoming album, ‘In The Cold Wind We Smile’, due out later this month.

‘Crisis in the Slow Lane’ is a touching ballad enthused with the cataclysmic energy and epic choruses of fellow Scots Biffy Clyro. The melody rings out clear above a sea of sweltering guitar riffs and crashing percussion that transform the tune from its first few pretty, understated verses into a vital and vibrant song with electric energy. “We are tired of feeling low, we are tired of being alone” chants the anthemic chorus line which is certainly bold enough to fill arenas in the future.

Bside, ‘Weather Warning’ is a slightly mellower indie rock song on a slightly smaller scale, but keeping up the good work with a big, melodic chorus full of gritty, swelling guitars and punchy vocals.

The Xcerts are the kind of band that are created to stir up crowds with songs that make you want to get up and move, if the rest of the album is anything like this then it’s set to be an energy-packed, irrepressible affair that should make a name for the band.