Laches heady, fuzzy, hardcore-punk has tons of bite and a melodic heart. Taking a peak at their myspace page won’t get you any random information, they’ve left it to the music to speak for them, which is a refreshing approach, but when you listen to their new six-track record “Paint My Past” you’ll hear why they don’t need any extraneous crap to sell them. The record is impressive; well finished and mature sounding tunes with a varied sound and fuelled by solid riffs, great vocals and some killer melodies. Their approach is slightly experimental, with jagged guitars, sometimes off-kilter rhythms and vocals somewhere between sung and shouted.

Tracks like ‘Swines’ are solid punk tunes with a heavy edge, this one also has a really memorable and catchy central riff; some of the tunes on the record verge on metal, ‘Old Teeth Dwell’ is a case in point with some really chunky riffs, heavy drums and gruff vocal action, but as with all their tunes (and there’s not a bad one on this record)they inject something extra with the jerky ever changing rhythms. Let’s hope it’s just a matter of time before they get signed.