Don't judge at first...keep listening

Taken from ‘The Bubble’, the second Ep in a trilogy due for release this year, ‘You Can't Give Me Anymore’ is yet another example of the resourceful mind of Dan Whitehouse.

This talented singer/songwriter uses his lyrical talents to produce tunes about life, love and loss such as this superb song. To be frank, the underpinning of drums that is present on ‘You Can't Give Me Anymore’ always seems to skip a beat every so often, which doesn’t sound quite right. However as the use of various other musical instruments is implemented into the song this fault is given less attention. First there is a build of a beautiful piano melody, later a string section and acoustic guitar, all coming together to make a rhythmic and free flowing song. As each instrument plays its own part alongside the tender vocals and harmonies the tune ends on a much brighter, more intriguing and satisfying note than it opened. It winds down to an artistic number.