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‘The Bubble’ is part two in a trilogy of EP's that singer/songwriter Dan Whitehouse will be releasing throughout 2009.

Combining gentle core instruments, piano, guitar and strings with a dedicated voice and songs about life, love, loss and happiness, Whitehouse is a musician like no other. He creates songs you want to remember, songs that warm you from the inside out and make a lasting impression. ‘The Bubble’ contains just six examples of these remarkably inventive tunes.

It opens with ‘I Wanted To Say Something’, a ballad signifying the beginning of Whitehouse’s incredible talent for creating music. The soft piano is truly amazing but the vocals seem to be a little rougher than they needed to be. It isn’t until the guitar and drums kick in the vocals suit better while continuing to keep the ballad attributes. ‘Raw State’ follows in a similar fashion to its predecessor with the piano opening, but is quickly joined by distant guitar adding the feeling of an oncoming explanation. This one really caught my attention and I found myself singing along to a chorus I had only just heard. Next up is a very quick track, ‘The Burning Thing’, this one opening with guitar and not piano.

‘How Does It Feel?’ certainly made its mark as one of the finest tunes the CD had on offer. It combines guitar and piano in its opening sequence, becoming very melodious along the way. The song finishes on a high note with a rougher edge. If released, this is the song that could catapult Dan Whitehouse to superstardom. ‘Somebody Loves You’ is a song that penetrates the mind with its visualisations. Set the scene of a man in a shopping centre, serenading his beloved, in chime the introduction of piano, drums and guitar all very subtly, then strings, all coming together in a touching love song. The CD closes with the recent single ‘You Can’t Give Me Anymore’, in which if I were to number my favourite tracks from the CD, this would be at the bottom of the list. Although it‘s a great song, the others are better.

‘The Bubble’ is incredibly satisfying to listen to and I cannot wait to hear what ‘The Balloon’ and 'The Box’, the remainder of the Ep trilogy have in store.