An Intriguing Single

‘I Am Leaving’, the second single from Blue Roses’ eponymous debut gives an insight into the band’s quirky world of wonder. It’s a pretty folk-esque tune with delightful vocal harmonies that drift through the listener’s mind like a sweet daydream. The gently picked guitar melody lends a soft, natural feel to the earthy elegance of the song. The vocals float along with dreamy ease and sparkling intimacy, but it’s almost so soft and lulling that you could half nod off before noticing that the song has finished. In any case, you’d be guaranteed sweet dreams after listening to Blue Roses.

‘Moments Before Sleep’ is a little more charismatic than the a-side with a chiming intro that builds to a fractious peek before glossy synths and a hypnotic bassline are added. The vocals fluctuate with a warbling refinement that’s very much reminiscent of Kate Bush while tambourine’s clatter and echo in the background and bells. There’s something almost choral and primordial about the echoing vocals that seems to resonate skyward with eccentric charm.