Multi talented songstress

Hard working, multi talented songstress Christine Owman is making waves across the globe with her unique shows that include playing, amongst other instruments, the cello, a ukulele and a saw to a backdrop of flickering 1930's black & white film projections. Swedish born Christine is currently appearing in Canada before returning Europe to play dates in Germany as well as lining up further dates across Europe.

'The Conflict' begins with some eerie, echoed chords with Christine's gentle, crystal clear vocals drifting effortlessly above. The chorus soon appears with some haunting Kate Bush style harmonies, again all down to her. After the second chorus there's a diversion into an acoustic interlude enhanced with some more excellent moody harmonies. Later we are treated to some more acoustic instrumental with some hypnotic effects which eventually fades to the end. The track is totally soporific; it just works on every level; truly astounding.

The other track on the CD is a collaboration with Andi Almqvist and is a complete change of mood with both Christine and Andi harmonising over a chunky rhythm of acoustic noise (in the best sense); a sort of minimalist 1950's burlesque sing-a-long; a hint at the diverse talents of this unique artist.