Exit State

Exit State have been raising a few eyebrows over the last couple of years. Their rapid climb up the popularity ladder has seen them support the likes of ex Iron Maiden and Wolfsbane front man Blaze Bayley as well as Dave Evans (AC/DC). Their recent album release, ‘Death Of A Rockstar’ puts the band in the shop window once again and their no holds barred blend of rock, metal, pop, punk, indie and alternative is unashamedly unique.

The album opens with the rocking ‘Lost Beyond Belief’, a mix of infectious riffs and catchy chorus delivered with nonchalance and ease. Thundering drums take us straight into ‘Out ‘till 3’, more of a heavy indie pop rock sound. Yes, it is an odd mix but it works so well.

‘Dominates Me’ is a much slower and heavier mood which is still nonetheless as engaging as any of the other tracks on the album. There’s some nice heavy chords and competent guitar break. The much quieter ‘Death Of A Rockstar Part 1’ follows. This combines a gentle lament with some very nice strings. A heavier interlude sees the band all kick in as it builds up (again with some very nice guitar riffs) and a heavy chorus. This moves straight into ‘Death Of A Rockstar Part 2’ and this develops nicely with the band again successfully produce some memorable moments with the chorus and pounding rhythm. The band’s conscious decision to make every track different on the album has certainly worked very well.

In ‘indie’ start to ‘Bad Days’ is a bit misleading as it develops into an impressive, fast rocking tune. This really highlights the way that they experiment with and blend different styles and genres. ‘Dirty Intoxicated’s disjointed origins are again unique and the result is a very engaging experience.

‘I Know Where You Are’ is again experimental across genres. This is followed by the last track and my favourite on the album, ‘She Said’ Featuring a quiet piano and vocals developing into, yet again, a memorable and emotionally-delivered, not to be forgotten anthem; a classic!

The band is touring later in the year, with some dates supporting the NWOBHM legends Marseille; I can’t wait.