Solid tunes

This new EP from Nakatomi Plaza front man Oscar Albis Rodriguez is available as a pay what you chose download from Bandcamp. The songs are really solid; catchy melodies and great guitars with hooky riffs. Opener 'One Pedal To Another' starts with a great riff and fast drums; the tune is memorable, it brings back memories of early emo like Small Brown Bike and Super Chunk, fuzzy chunky guitars and a beat which gets you bopping your head. 'Blood The Tango' has shades of pop punk to the beat and tone; very danceable but lyrically quite serious and with complexity in the guitars. 'Staring At The Clocks' feels a bit rockier, the melody is still there though and 'Carousel' is possibly the best track, a fast pace and super catchy tune, some heavier vocal moments with harmonies in the background and it shows off some skilled bass work. Four great songs, tuneful and heavy on the guitars at a price to suit any pocket, what's not to like.