Soaring anthems

Four piece, The Hundred Days, have a great batch of catchy songs on this debut EP, poppy but slightly dark in tone like all the best indie rock bands, reminiscent of Killers or The Cure perhaps; melodic and slightly 80s in feel (but not in a bad way). Fantastic bass lines and hooky, memorable riffs accompany opening track 'Out Of Nowhere', track two 'Spin' is anthemic and makes you need to dance, it's a sure fire indie-club-night dance floor filler with cracking vocals. Great stuff. Final tune 'Silver and Gold' is more fuzz drenched and brooding, again, those punchy bass lines make an impact and the guitars soar beautifully.

Three solid indie rock tunes in the vein of Editors but with far more energy and a nice line in anthemic choruses which makes them quite uplifting.