Sennen's new release, a five track EP is awash with fuzzy, jangly guitars and the occasional squeal of feedback. They have a sound that harks back to 90s indie; Ride and The Jesus And Mary Chain spring to mind and the EP includes a Teenage Fanclub cover ('December'). Featuring a couple of tracks from their recent full length album "Age Of Denial" (one of which, 'SOS' appeared on TV show "True Blood" recently) and a new track alongside the cover you really get a feel for the band's sound here.

The sound is classic dream-pop throughout, sweet, floaty vocals and gentle moments of poppy melody on tracks like 'Don't Put Your Love To Waste' which is beautifully emotive, with strings backing the vocal, drum and guitar. They also do intense and epic rather well, and 'Innocence' and 'SOS' are both spiked with fuzzy walls of sound.