Appealing indie/post-rock

Welcoming you in with whispery horns and light guitars Mimas sets the scene for an EP of six tales presented in song form. The foursome, based in Denmark, are all about the stories each track is an interesting, and usually, humerous tale.

'La Moustache' is highly entertaining with it's guitar strum a solid base for the melody and the repeating refrains of "growing a moustache in your apartment" starting a number of quirky, funny lines.

Hitting the song's theme with the perfect musical accompaniment 'Manflu' will have you chuckling. 'Sodapop' is a bit rougher with Snævar Albertsson's vocals starting scratchy and strained; stuttering "diet soda a a a" before mixing them up with some intricate guitars and fiddly melodies. 'Rotting Rodents' brings intriguing melodies in it's intro with dynamic layers of contrasting sounds, topped by horns, before mellowing into Albertsson's full melodic lyrics.

Each song has a varied structure and sound; 'Vader' bops it's way in to a stomping beat with chanting lyrics coming from all angles; preparing you for more horns and another full bodied track. 'Touring' weaves it's way through guitars and vocals and final track 'Relationships' uses supporting pianos to drive emotions home.

And yet, all are still very clearly Mimas.

With 'Lifejackets', they have produced some highly appealing indie/post-rock that flows to your ears and lightly tickles the senses. Each song providing an intriguing tale to brighten your day.