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Email guy.powell at RoomThirteen.com
Job Role Founder (Retired)
Date of Birth 18/01/1984
Quote None
Home Page http://www.RoomThirteen.com
Cool Link None
Favourite Band System Of A Down
Joined Sat Oct 18 2003
Bio Originally from a background in the IT industry Guy finished school to go on to work as a duty manager at LaserQuest Bristol. Following his stint there, he carried on with a programming job and set up an IT business. Moving on from the IT business, he moved on to more interesting things - or at least that was the plan.

Guy set up Room Thirteen in 2003 to address a missing niche in online msuic magazines and helped the site grow to over 200,000 unique readers a month as well as putting on the Thirteenth Day festival at Birmingham Academy which saw bands from across Europe and fans from as far afield as Brazil come to see the show.

After graduating in 2007 Guy went on to set up a software development business, Delta Retail Solutions and gradually much of the work within Room Thirteen moved to the rest of the fantastic team. Sadly in 2009 Guy was forced decided to step back from active involvement in Room Thirteen in order to focus on other priorities. Guy still reads the site on a regular basis and couldn't imagine what his life would have been like without creating it.