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Job Role Writer
Date of Birth 17th Febru
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Favourite Band Verve
Joined Thu Feb 28 2008
Bio Chris considers himself a relatively atypical twentysomething male from the European cultural mecca that is Liverpool. His love of music was awakened during the halcyon days of the Britpop era, his current musical preferences take in the finer points of indie, ambient and electronica. However, the fact that The Verve remain Chris' favourite band (despite Richard Ashcroft's best attempts to aleviate his affections with his insipid solo musings!) shows that his first love has remained steadfast!

When not spending his days encouraging the youth of Merseyside and beyond that university is a viable option (as part of the University of Liverpool's Eduactional Opportunities team), Chris divides his time watching bands, listening to music, reading, going to clubs and watching his beloved Liverpool F.C. Whilst Chris feels that he approaches most new music with an open mind, he reserves particular scorn for the sort of twee indie bollocks which is the speciality of The Enemy, Hard-Fi, The Pigeon Detectives and the like. Chris is in his element and particularly excitable when reviewing music. He hopes to carve out a niche for himself in the world of music writing.