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Email Philippa at RoomThirteen.com
Job Role Writer
Date of Birth 26.05.87
Quote Emo is SO cliche! I only listen to emo-core and screamo.
Home Page None
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Favourite Band Funeral For A Friend
Joined Tue Jul 13 2004
Bio Emma Powell is a self-confessed ex-Westlife fan and it seems it would have all ended there if she hadn't purchased a Greenday album for her brother. (which she later stole) From then her interests changed. Curtains were replaced by emo-fringes and matching wardrobes became black everything. It was almost a rebirth. From there her tastes slow melted into mainstream rock and later into lesser known bands. It was whilst cruising music television that she stumbled upon the love of her life...Funeral For A Friend. Having this music passion lead to her being frowned upon by her Sloany, Surrey friends. This tragedy means that seeing Funeral for her birthday in May 2004 was her first proper gig due to a lack of people wanting to go with her. Yet she continued relentlessly until this day where her dedication to being that little bit different from everyone she knows has brought her to here, Room Thirteen, which she is now proud to call her home.