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Email Philippa at RoomThirteen.com
Job Role Writer
Date of Birth 28/09/86
Quote I'm not gay. Alot of people think im gay. (Matty Byrne-TeamFit)
Home Page http://www.roomthirteen.com
Cool Link None
Favourite Band Killers
Joined Tue Nov 23 2004
Bio Becky "But i'm with the band?!" Squire is a Candy Cane Child of the Rock and Roll revoloution. She currently resides in the fabulously up-market county of Essex;Chelmsford specifically,where she spends her time tottering around in her white stilletoes asking people for demos.

Currently writing for the fabulous Room Thirteen to build up her portfolio,she has also done freelance work for "www.dukester.uk2k.com", "Guitar Noise",and "ComoMusic".She is fascinated by the filthy world of music journalism and is brain squeezingly dedicated to bringing the thriving world of underground Essex rock music to the naive and un-knowing masses.

Her favourite bands are... *The Killers*,*The Libertines*,*Interpol*,*Athlete*,The Fez,*XTC*,*Moving Units*,and *Echelon*,and she lives for the annual arrival of the "V Festival", which takes place in the very park she walks her dog <3.

>>>Long Live Rock and Roll<<<