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Email Philippa at RoomThirteen.com
Job Role Writer
Date of Birth 9th April
Quote None
Home Page http://wish-again.org
Cool Link http://www.mychemicalromance.com
Favourite Band My Chemical Romance
Joined Sun Jan 2 2005
Bio Rosie is a college student studying English literature, Spanish, psychology, and government and politics. This means she is opinionated and cannot be wrong, except possibly in Spanish. This also means she likes writing and analysing, a lot.

Rosie can be found either lurking on the internet, in her bedroom listening to music, playing the guitar, or at concerts in London. Most specifically, at the front of the queue, or stalking hanging out with the bands.

Her favourite band is My Chemical Romance, who are her anti-depressant and sedative to keep her (reasonably) sane. She fronts the screamo scene with her partner in crime Alison Aird and is a future rock star and/or music journalist.