For Austin, Texas based songwriter and performer, Bob Schneider, finding a way to challenge everyone was at one point a major creative goal learned in Art School. Steeped as he was in the visual arts tradition of pushing boundaries Bob's commitment to staying honest, and demonstrating independence was quickly embraced by Austin’s music fans and other media artists for his purposeful trampling of every music, visual, and performance line he could cross.

He soon found this challenge to convention tiring and boorish. To Bob, real artistic credibility comes from harnessing all your creative energy and, to the best of your ability, passionately engaging your audience. This was clearly a nod to the music influences that helped shaped his perspective: Tom Waits, Queen, Prince and Paul Simon for music and Police, Talking Heads, and Earth Wind and Fire for live performance.

As such, Bob’s songs are replete with characters and stories that populate his imaginative alternate universe of nihilism, redemption and the eternal search for peace of mind and are revealed in a highly visual and verbally clever musical style. Bob’s stage performances comfortably fuse and weave anthemic rock songs with the addition of the tastiest bluegrass, R& B, country and funk inspired beats. So, as a proud University of Texas, El Paso Art School drop-out, Bob came to realize that he if enjoyed writing songs that inspired, entertained and made people just feel happy, then this might be the ultimate statement of independence.

And, the audience responded in kind. He’s won Austin’s Songwriter-of-the-Year award multiple times, built a rabid national audience based primarily on word of mouth recommendations, and has just completed a national arena tour opening for the Dixie Chicks. Though comfortably working with a major label, Universal, on the album, Lonelyland, Bob successfully reacquired his catalog rights and partnered with indie-distribution stalwart, Vanguard Records, on his most recent records I’m Good Now and, The Californian.

Bob’s reputation for being a tireless artist gigging hundreds of shows a year and painting and writing on the off days are no longer just a Texas legend. His fan base knows to expect the unexpected at shows with songs pulled off any of the fifteen albums he's been involved with or the pop music catalog he has lodged in his brain. Indeed, every show seems to be two plus of hours of a phenomenally good time delivered as Bob iconoclastically climbs the hill of popular music stardom.
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