The bands latest album was recorded in London in early 2004 during the sessions for their forthcoming debut album, ‘Into The Fire’ maintains the band’s incredible quality control, as established by their two other singles of 2004. ‘Thru The Glass’, the band’s “astonishingly assured” (NME) debut single received regular daytime airplay at Radio 1 and XFM and completely sold out of its limited edition run in it’s first week of release. It was followed in similar style by the “equally brilliant” (NME again) ‘Do No Wrong’, which became Thirteen Senses’ first top 40 hit – not bad at all for their first widely available single. Here’s what the press has said about the band to date:
‘Into The Fire’ is released on Vertigo/Mercury on 13th September and will be available on two cd’s and limited edition seven inch vinyl, featuring a raft of unreleased and exclusive music. Expect to hear it all over the radio soon.

The Invitation was recorded in London in the first half of 2004, produced by the band and Danton Supple (who has previously worked on records by Elbow and Coldplay). Available on CD and single heavyweight vinyl on 27th September, The Invitation is, quite simply, one of the best debuts of the year, and sees Thirteen Senses poised to make the grandest of statements with their music alone. Track listing:

Thirteen Senses are Will South (guitar, piano and vocals), Tom Wellham (guitar), Adam Wilson (bass) and Brendon James (drums). They hail from and were formed in Cornwall in 2001 and are all 20 – 21 years old.

Source: Thirteen Senses Press Office (August 2004) read less


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