SLOWTORCH form in Bolzano, Italy, in 2004. They take to the road straight away.
In 2005, the first line-up change sees Andrea Masetti taking over as the band's new drummer.

The following year, Slowtorch open for Nick Oliveri's Mondo Generator. Enter new bass player Karl Sandner. The band embarks on its first tour of Germany.
In 2007, Slowtorch release their first album, Adding Fuel To Fire, and play another German tour.

After releasing their EP From Radiation They Came in early 2009, Slowtorch play a string of shows in the UK.

In 2010, singer Matteo Meloni replaces the band's long-time frontman Peter Tomasi.

Among a number of other shows, Slowtorch set out to play a short Italian tour with British doomers Gods of Hellfire and start recording new material. The band toured the UK with six shows between April 23rd and 30th, 2011, with Welsh metallers Lifer and Bradford-based Gods of Hellfire.

Their latest effort, 4-Barrel Retribution was recorded and mixed by Carmelo Giacchino at No Logo Studios, Laives (IT), and mastered by Alex Balzama at Swift Mastering, London.

Matteo Meloni vocals
Bruno Bassi guitars
Karl Sandner bass
Andrea Masetti drums read less


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