Ready to rock?

'3345' is the type of fist pumping, beer drinking good time single that the world needs to hear more of. The Black Velvets are not just another band who know how to have a good time. This is a band who know how to have a good time whilst getting somewhere and, above all, this is a band who are so driven they are bound to imprint their music onto the minds of thousands more kids in the near future.

So what of the music? With people such as John Cornfield and Steve Strange getting in on the Black Velvets action, you know there's promise there. This is music with a swagger, music with a desire to lift moods and get heads moving. There's a wonderfully soft voice belonging to Paul Carden tied tightly by powerful basslines to the kind of stuttering guitar playing that refuses to let you sit still. The Black Velvets are an impressive unit, taut with talent which, despite the limitations posed by recording studios, has managed to convey at least a small portion of the chaotic freedom found in their live music.