Gullich's self titled debut

There have been numerous new names bouncing about the music industry and Gullich was one of the more recent ones to land on my doorstep for review. Though forming just under twelve months ago, this North East trio has managed to bring themselves to a point where they are able to express just what they have hidden under their belts with this debut self titled mini album.

Through eight self recorded tracks, Gullich is able to create songs with an indie rock surface and a bonus pop side. The majority of the songs all contain the same components; a melodious exterior with upbeat bursts of guitars and bouncy guitar and bass riffs. One of the records most indulgent tunes is ‘Girl Scouts of Japan’. This melodious number is rounded and the way in which it uses instruments seems to be very in touch with each other. It is this quality that really keeps the song flowing freely and with harmony, as if acting as one and playing as one. The band has even managed to pull in label mate Evelyn Burke from Such Great Heights to play guest cello on their recent single ‘Dale Nixon’.

The vocals are typical of what to expect from this style of music, with the occasional shouts to be heard on tunes like ‘Always One In,’ which is one of the more enjoyable tunes on the album. There are also times of radiant harmonies. This is most notable on the track ‘Something You’ll Never See’ for its two toned harmonies with an underpinning of guitar.

Gullich is a band that has a lot of potential and I’m sure there are great things to follow this well crafted release.