Caught On Camera

For those who don't know who Testament are. They along with Exodus, were the forerunners of the thrash scene in California. Their drummers have included Slayer's own Dave Lombardo and Paul Bostaph. Despite opening up for the Big Four. That's Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth and Slayer. Testament never received the recognition they truly deserved. However if there was no Testament there probably no Arch Enemy or any of the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal bands like Killswitch Engage or Shadows Fall. Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy has frequently name checked the band as a influence.

Originally filmed as a home video package in 1991, Seen Between The Lines captures live footage from their US tour. Although the quality of the live footage is quite patchy it does show how polished Testament were at the height of the prime. Vocalist Chuck Billy is defiantly underrated as a singer.

Bonus features include the music videos to Nobody's Fault, Practice What You Preach, Souls Of Black and The Legacy, Biography, Discography, Image Gallery and two short documentaries Dinner With Testament and Testament In Tokyo. With shows planned this summer this is a great introduction to a truly under rated band.

All in all, a good package for the inner metalhead.