Pull My Heart Away

With a summer packed chocker full of festival appearances and a new album gaining rave reviews, this could well be Jack Penate’s time. Though listening to new single ‘Pull My Heart Away’, he sounds on the brink of weeping like a snivelling child. So many songs attempt to fabricate emotion yet this sounds boldly honest; little wonder then that the track has become a live favourite.

Tugging at the heart strings, Penate seems unapologetically sorry for himself with lyrics of decisions, desolation and break-ups. Bizarrely the hurried, emotional vocals work brilliantly to present a touchingly low outlook to make way for a joyous, hands held aloft chorus. Few producers could manufacture such a cleverly balanced, refined track so employing Paul Epworth appears a masterstroke.

Backed by a lighter than helium guitar refrain and the odd euphoric supporting vocal, this is a valiant, uplifting reinvention of Penate’s own brand of indie pop.