Blackchords - Blackchords

‘Blackchords’ is the self titled debut album from Australian group Blackchords. Formed in 2005 with a name formed “in the belly of a bluestone basement”, in lead singer, Nick’s own words; they are clearly musically talented with an album that illustrates strong string sections, perfected arrangements and ambivalent sounds.

Opening Track, “At Worlds End” is more upbeat than the other tracks, with an arrangement that is simple yet alluring. Drawn along by bass, lead vocals are almost haunting throughout the verse until surprisingly the whole arrangement turns upbeat with an undeniably indie guitar rift and sing-along type chorus with pure feet tapping qualities! Similar to all the tracks on this album, it is a song which has clearly been perfected yet it still portrays that jagged edge to it. It is clearly an emotional album with despair straining through as lead singer Nick sings, “Come on, Come on!”

This album clearly epitomises Blackchords, a band who have a distinct emotion to their songs and a strong lyrical depth. They have been compared to Radiohead, Elbow and Jeff Buckley and it is evident from this release that they are striving somewhere between a concoction of all three mixed together. Melodic songs such as “These lights” and “December”, flow along smoothly and rather harmonically, and it is almost an album you find yourself drawn into, with a very mature sound and tracks that glide gracefully from one to another.

“Blackchords” is an album which may take a few listens to fall in love with, but there is no denying its musical genius, with parts such as “These Lights”, in sections, sounding almost like they have a full backing orchestra. For a debut album by a new band, this record is surprisingly epic. With strong emotions falling through lyrically and immense atmosphere’s being created through each song, it is nothing short of huge. It is not an album that you could exactly mosh too or that will have you bouncing off the ceiling, yet it is incredibly atmospheric and emotive and Blackchords are certainly a very talented band; definitely one to watch!