Just listen...if you must

“Stuck on repeat..and I just can't seem to break free.”

Lyrics from one of the top female talents in the UK at the moment, yet one of the artists who the media and public seem to be quick to write off at the moment. Which is a massive shame as Little Boots managed to write an album with a bit more inventiveness than the vast majority of female performers will unleash unto the world.

Which brings us to Odette, whose ‘Just Listen’, her debut solo single, is exactly the sort of song that will put the lyrics to ‘Stuck On Repeat’ in your mind. Its a song that has been pedalled since the 1980s (or at least sounds like it) and the only thing stopping it from being the most clichéd track of the month is the debut solo release from Britains favourite racist, Cheryl Cole. Cole’s new song is fantastically abysmal, shes all gangsta in the video but the song sounds something like Tiffany may have turned down as being too 80s. Yes yes, the single from Tweedy is being discussed too much here but it is at least deflecting attention away from Odette’s offering because it is hard to praise it too highly...although, it will possibly be popular with many of the record buying public.

It has a strong and instantly familiar chorus that builds to a crescendo much in the way that ‘Black Velvet’ or all those other soft rock classics that you know and love would do and will be mimicked by hundreds of bedroom singers all across the land. That’s not necessarily a compliment but it can probably be taken either way. Good luck Odette, you may need it.