Rocking Goodness

‘A. Or Not?’ is in quite simple terms an awesome three track EP showcasing Leeds four piece, Chickenhawk’s, powerful and yet imaginative sound. The opening track ‘I Hate This, Do You Like It?’ is a five minute gem of a song with an ever changing direction that keeps your ears glued to the pleasurable noise. The vocals are slightly in the background, which is just fine by me as the guitars and drums are perfect for this song.

‘Son of Cern’ and ‘NASA vs ESA’ both keep the rocking nature up and although not quite as long as the opener, just a paltry four and half minutes and three and a half minutes long here, they just make the EP so enjoyable. No just following the standard guides for making records for Chickenhawk, their experimental nature to the songs leaves you wondering just what is coming next with the current track, let alone the next one.

This band is definitely one for fans of Kong, Pulled Apart By Horses, Future of the Left and possibly Gallows. With some dates around England confirmed for October and November, this is one band that deserves to be heard, if they are half as good live as this EP then it will be a great gig.