Random Hand - Anger Management

The prospect of ska-punk-metal sounds very exciting and upon listening, you realise that it is a winning combination. So, don’t bother trying to assign Random Hand to a genre, just appreciate them for who they are.

The first half of their new single, ‘Anger Management’, convinces you that you are being offered a catchy ska-punk anthem. Whilst it may lack a driving tempo, it lends itself very well to the ska/reggae elements of Random Hand’s sound.

If you are a ska-punk fan, you will find the pre-chorus sections particularly pleasing; the trombone rejoins to accompany the off-beat guitar and re-assigned vocals, producing a sound not too dissimilar to that of Less Than Jake.

Above the instrumental foundations of the chorus flows a vocal melody that entices you to sing along. If you get the chance, go and see Random Hand live; this song was written for audience partipation!

However, this soon evolves into a metal song with more attitude than a frustrated teenager. As the second half of the song commences, the Yorkshire quartet violently thrust the nature of the song into a new direction. This structure (relaxed beginning, aggressive progression) lends itself very nicely to the concept of anger management; much of the time is spent restricting natural urges that will eventually prevail. The trombone and chorus vocal melodies are later re-introduced adding a satisfying feeling of continuity.

The eclectic mix of ska-punk and metal continues with the song, ‘Save Us In This World’. Subtle trombone inclusions, often evoking feelings of an Eastern culture, provides quite a unique feeling to the song, as Random Hand delve into yet another unexpected musical style.

For those of you familiar with, 'I,Human,' this mix by Swami is unlikely to take precedence over the original, but it still complements the lively style of ska-punk to make it an entertaining and enjoyable version to listen to.

Keep an eye on Random Hand; they have a very exciting future ahead of them.