Surgery 1984

Singer/songwriters are two-a-penny these days. Oh, but wait, on closer inspection Jack Butler are in fact a Scottish indie four-piece. Far removed from the conventional moniker though, there is little formulaic about their output. Title track ‘Surgery 1984’ begins innocently enough with sparkly light guitar picking and lead singer Liam Kelly’s earnest vocals before the track gains muscle with forceful basslines and frenetic, choppy guitar. Alas, if anything the track ends far too prematurely giving short shrift to some intriguingly invigorating melodies.

‘This Soul Accelerates’ continues in the same vein; straddling the gaps between the jaunty, jangly esoteric rhythms of Foals and the tight, intelligent pop sensibilities of Vampire Weekend with a heartfelt feel for sincere song writing. Infectious drumming breathes life into the track, gifting the lightweight guitar licks a welcome danceable edge comparable to Bloc Party. Both tracks hint at great things and with a little work and a few tweaks, Jack Butler could be one to watch.