A high powered debut

The boys from Blackhole have hit the mark with their debut album 'Dead Hearts'. Strong songs created by dedicated and talented individuals and a track list that keeps you energised from start to end, you can't ask for much more.

With non stop screams carefully crafted so you can understand the lyrics and completely suited to the fast beats and solid rhythms, 'Don't Cry' opens the album strongly setting the scene for what's to follow. Singer Richard Carter's voice breaks on every word with no respite and songs such as 'We Are The Dead Hearts' are driven by pounding drums courtesy of Alex Hunt.

Guitarists Andreas Yiasmoumi and Nick Mitchell stand out in guitar led track 'If Only'. 'I'm Failing to See How This Is A Good Thing' sneaks up on you, tickling the senses and showing off Alex Hart's style with it's melodic bass.

Every song has a well rounded sound showing that each member of this five piece is highly talented at their craft and at being part of a collective. You witness the collaboration clearly in 'Tides' with it's undercurrent of contrasting melodies.

Blackhole's songs are made for a live performance with a near perfect structure of super fast beats to have the crowd moshing, slow breaks to catch your breath and solid mid tempos to give you that feeling of I could run around or I could take a rest, either is suitable!

'Dead Hearts' is 11 tracks of high powered energy and an album filled with many layers of subtle sounds. Highly recommended for those who like their music riff heavy, full of catchy hooks and good and loud!