Blitz Kids ��

After seeing these guys perform on the William Francis tour back last year and being incredibly impressed at what they were able to achieve onstage, when the prospect of reviewing their Ep ‘Decisions’ came about, excitement set in and for good reason.

These five are consistently full of excitement, which is presented though ‘Decision’ as well as on stage. They blend some pop sentiments with the raging guitars and crashing drums to give a powerful punch. It is the genre hopping that makes them so interesting to listen to. They create anthemic indie-rock with darker tones as well as those a little lighter. It is nice to hear something so fresh, interesting, ambitious and innovative. There is some very blended harmonies demonstration a real connection between the fellas, topping it off with the talented voice of Joe James. Get ready for some incredibly forceful chants, anthemic choruses and ear catching verses.

With these songs they take over your mind for about half hour, subconsciously willing you to engage in head banging, moving your feet and at uncontrollable pace and sing along, if you can keep up with the speed of things. These five lades were captivating on stage and are just as engaging on this record. If Mystic Meg listened to ‘Decisions’ she would surely see a bright and promising future ahead for Blitz Kids.