The Famous Class - Make Or Break

London based pop punksters The Famous Class set on a journey to make fun loving upbeat music, something that will add a spring into the step of every listener and put a smile on their face. With their release ‘Make or Break’ they have achieved just this.

Having grown up on American pop punk like many of us, the quartet has taken this style and added a British spark to create these five songs. The vocals are fresh, imperfect and rugged at times, which makes them much easier on the ear while can be situated perfectly alongside the music. The harmonies are particular noteworthy and give the atmospheric arena feeling.

Each tune is uplifting. ‘And Then’ opens the release with fast moving crashing drums and guitars, which are also prominent on ‘Jesse’. A similar experience is felt on other tracks, each encouraging the listener to move to the song from the driving grooves of ‘Losing The Game’ and the particularly catchy chorus of the first single ‘Emily’. The slower number ‘Never See The Night’ emits an even more magical and emotive impression.

The Famous Class is a DIY band and has control over everything they are involved with. There is no label or management so they take control of the day-to-day journey they are on. With nobody making the choices for them, they have the freedom to think for themselves and write all their own material as well as design the merch/record covers and make their own videos. They have done wonders with this release and it is a highly recommended listen. Next on the agenda, sorting out a tour…